Wedding Video: Portugal + France (Anadia, Aveiro)

(Mélina & Ludovic). Example of a Highlights video offered as part of my Wedding Videography services.

With Mário J.R. Matos, Miguel Rolo, Ana Coelho, Quinta Vale Estêvão, Caterfesta and Manecas Eventos.

Wedding Video Portugal (Anadia, Aveiro)
Videographer (camera operator and editor): Mário J.R. Matos
Music: background music used under the live event ambient exception of the music copyright law.
Copyright: this video work is copyrighted by Mário J.R. Matos. The use of part or the entire video is strictly prohibited except when otherwise allowed by the Portuguese Copyright Law. Sharing the video is limited to copying the link or using YouTube’s embed feature. Please visit for more information.

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