… this blog
The current blog is affiliated with the english version of my website, as its blogging platform. Here I’ll talk bout media production, open source and other subjects I’m interested in and that I hope can caught your attention as well.


… the YouTube channel
On my YouTube channel you can watch audiovisual and FOSS related videos such as Linux distros reviews, apps and software reviews, tips and tricks and tutorials.

If you want to see samples of my work in the audiovisual field check them out on vimeo or on YouTube (via my video portfolio).


… me
I’m a media creative mainly working as a videographer (1), VFX artist (2) and journalist (3), more specifically, taking on the roles of director, camera operator, video editor and sound designer (1), visual effects artist and supervisor (2), creation, adaptation, revision and supervision of multiplatform informative content in english, spanish, portuguese and french (3).

You can access my portfolio on my main website, available in english, portuguese, spanish and french, take a look at my professional career and find out relevant informations about it. Links to all my online profiles can be found there as well.

I recently started my own business, a boutique multidisciplinary production company that specializes in the development of informative, promotional and entertainment content.