Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stock Footage FAQ

Free Stock Footage (Video)
100% free videos. No need to pay licence fees. 100% free footage for any purpose, including commercial uses.
All videos licensed under a Creative Commons License – Attribution 3.0 or above (CC BY 3.0 or above) allow you to freely save/keep and use the entire clip or part of it in your videos as long as due credit is given (for example, by writing “some stock footage provided by Mário J.R. Matos”). Do you want the credits removed? Buy a one-time perpetual $1/€1 No Credits Licence (see below).
You can use all my stock videos without limitation with the following exceptions: illegal activities or actions, purposefully using the clips/videos in a negative way or with offensive intents.

Royalty Free Stock Footage (Video)
Royalty Free Licence: all videos available for purchase under a Royalty Free licence allow you to use them according to the version of the purchased licence. More details on this will be provided upon purchase. Paid versions of the videos exempt you from mentioning my name as the video’s creator on a worldwide non-exclusive, royalty-free lifetime licence granting you the right of use in an unlimited number of pieces for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The clips themselves cannot be sold individually or as part of a bigger project that has no new substantial creation or derivation.
No Credits Licence: if you want to remove all credits when using my Free Stock Footage elements, a $1/€1 payment must be made (via PayPal only). This will entitle you to use the video freely without citing me as the creator of that clip. Other higher bitrate/better coded files are also available for purchase (contact me for more information on this topic).
Copyright Licence: you can buy the rights of a specific video to use it exclusively (valid from date of purchase onwards). In this case I will transfer ownership of the clip to you. From that moment on you can use it as you wish. Send me an email to receive details on how to acquire the Copyright Licence (payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card).

Interested in buying a licence? Contact me directly to know how it works.

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