Free Stock Footage

In this page you will find 100% Free Stock Footage without hidden fees, obscure royalties or dubious terms and conditions. You don't have to pay a dime to include these clips in your productions, not even when you use them for commercial purposes.

Do you want the credits removed? If you are feeling generous and appreciate the work I put into filming stock footage and make it available free of charge you can make a small donation or acquire a one-time perpetual $1/€1 No Credits Licence (which entitles you to use the purchased video without crediting me). Please, visit the FAQ section for more information or contact me directly to know how it works.

You can use all stock videos available on this page without limitation except in the following cases: illegal activities or actions, purposefully using the clips/videos in a negative way or with offensive intents. The only thing you have to do is credit me (for example, by writing “some stock footage provided by Mário J.R. Matos”) as per their license - Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 or above (CC BY 3.0 or above)

How to download my free stock footage

To download my free stock videos just right click on the preferred file type (mpeg4, ogg or torrent) and choose ‘Save Link As...’ That's it. You are done. Be creative and good editing sessions.

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